This has been an interesting month. I discovered that some Celiacs cannot eat carbos at all. This is called Disaccaridate Deficiency. I have also been diagnosed with Candida, which is often a bedmate of gluten intolerance. Why am I grateful to learn this new dietary challenge? Because I know that it only takes 5 years to heal the body, and people who have overcome major health challenges are healthier than those who have ignored their health and the importance of nutrition until their later years. People who have taken their bodies for granted, often find they have a more difficult time to conquer the major diseases that often appear in our later years, such as heart disease and cancer.

That is why it is so important to work with a gluten intolerance expert, and to commit to a lifestyle that substitutes greens and protein for wheat and sugar.

I also have received my 2nd year certification as an ASR educator for effective communications strategies from the WANT Institute. I am continuing into  2011 for my 3rd year. I have learned that the hormones that our brain releases through the thoughts we have and the words we say are either healthy (dopamine and seratonin), or unhealthy (too much cortisol and adrenaline). I have started to meditate to increase the healthy hormones and to think before I act to cause less stress to myself and others. 

I recommend Dr. Pat Allen's work, which is based on Transactional Analysis and the latest scientific research on the brain.

I also want to recommend Barrie Silberberg's excellent book, The Autism & ADHD DIet. This book can literally save your life and that of your children. She covers all possible avenues and resources, and is the most trustworthy authority on these issues that I have found.
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