Ciao! Welcome to my Tuscan Gluten-Free Cuisine Blog. I have taught the Mediterranean Diet for over 30 years in Europe and North America. My latest niche is Tuscan G-F, and this blog is dedicated to the latest scientific research on how teh wheat and gluten allergies (Celiac Disease), affects 1 of 38 people in the United States. Most interesting--Italy has the most people with CD in the world. I just returned from Rome, where I learned that the Italian government has made it mandatory for all children take a G-F blood test before they enter school, and Italian schools only have organic food in their cafeterias. The government does not permit GMO'd food products to enter Italy.I am now a G-F consultant and cooking teacher for THE YOUNG CHEFS' ACADEMY in SImi Valley, CA. I lecture, do demos, and teach G-F cooking to both children and adults.